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Solar Panel Cleaning in Brisbane

We Clean Gutters are now cleaning Solar Panels in Mount Nebo

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Are your solar panels clean and therefore efficient?

Why clean solar panels?

Eliminating dirt on solar panels is essential for the efficiency of you solar panels. Dirt dramatically reduces solar output and therefore, the profitability of your investment is impacted. Keeping your solar panels clean is an essential part of solar panel maintenance. 

Yes, you can clean solar panels yourself, but please think that there are literally thousands of accidents every day, and according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, even some deaths have been associated with homeowners walking on roofs.

Our products and services in Mount Nebo are endorsed by buildings authorities across Australia.

Photovoltaic panels are at the mercy of all the various types of weather and exposure to these results in build ups of dirt, dust, residue, pollution, algae, bird droppings and moss etc.

Dirt residues reduces the efficiency of solar panels and may actually damage the panels themselves, due to the delicate materials they are made from.

Cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance of solar panels, to protect against the environmental stresses. Industrial area may require more thorough maintenance than residential areas.

We clean solar panels in Mount Nebo – Leave it to the Solar Panel Cleaning Professionals.

Do not venture onto your roof — leave it to the Pros.

75% of our customers will re-use our services within 12 months.

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We also clean gutters & install the Guardian Gutter Guard

We provide a free, no obligation quote; get in touch today for a home visit or estimate over the phone.

Our services include unblocking and clearing your gutters and downpipes as well as clearing old debris, such as leaves, silt and moss. This will assist rainwater to run freely along your gutters and downpipes, avoiding damage to your residence. If damage has already occurred, we are able to complete restoration work. We can also fix specialist gutter guard mesh to stop additional material from gathering in your gutters and downpipes, reducing the need for future clearing and preventing future damage to your roof. Gutter Guard will also protect your property from damage which can occur as a result of unwanted guests.

After organising an consultation we will come to your residence to clean and clean gutters and downpipes.

We will remove all moss, silt, muck, leaves and debris, assisting your guttering system to work as necessary, by leading water away from the roof and walls, reducing the risk of water damage.

We will also give you a free report on the condition of your roof as part of the service.

Visit our gutter cleaning & gutter guard site.


We service Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast which includes :-

Buderim, Mooloolaba, Tewantin, Noosa, Glass House Mountains, Caloundra, Also Brisbane, Kenmore, Chapel Hill, Toowong, Forest Lake, Ipswich, The Gap, Petrie, kedron, Coorparoo, Mt Gravat, Rochedale, Springwood, Alex hills, Mt Cotton, The Redlands, loganholme, and all areas in-between Brisbane, Sunshine & Gold Coasts.


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We Clean Gutters

and install the
Guardian Gutter Guard

Blocked Gutters

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